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Renders a checkbox list that uses a callback function to pass its selected value/values to the parent component.

  • Use React.setState() to create a data state variable and set its initial value equal to the options prop.
  • Create a function toggle that is used to toggle the checked to update the data state variable and call the onChange callback passed via the component's props.
  • Render a <ul> element and use Array.prototype.map() to map the data state variable to individual <li> elements with <input> elements as their children.
  • Each <input> element has the type='checkbox' attribute and is marked as readOnly, as its click events are handled by the parent <li> element's onClick handler.
const style = {
  listContainer: {
    listStyle: 'none',
    paddingLeft: 0
  itemStyle: {
    cursor: 'pointer',
    padding: 5

function MultiselectCheckbox({ options, onChange }) {
  const [data, setData] = React.useState(options);

  const toggle = item => {
    data.forEach((_, key) => {
      if (data[key].label === item.label) data[key].checked = !item.checked;

  return (
    <ul style={style.listContainer}>
      {data.map(item => {
        return (
          <li key={item.label} style={style.itemStyle} onClick={() => toggle(item)}>
            <input readOnly type="checkbox" checked={item.checked || false} />