30 seconds of React


A few word about us, our goals and our projects.

Our philosophy

The core goal of 30 seconds is to provide a quality resource for beginner and advanced developers alike. We want to help improve the software development ecosystem, by lowering the barrier of entry for newcomers and help seasoned veterans pick up new tricks and remember old ones.

We believe that coding has to be easily accesible and this is why we provide all of our resources for free. Meanwhile, we try to constantly engage the open source community both as a means to understand the needs of our fellow developers and as an opportunity for people to actively participate in open source software.

Our work

In order to help grow the open source community, we have collected hundreds of snippets that can be of use in a wide range of situations. We welcome new contributors and we like fresh ideas, as long as the code is short and easy to grasp in about 30 seconds.

The only catch, if you may, is that a few of our snippets are not perfectly optimized for large, enterprise applications and they might not be deemed production-ready. We strive, however, to keep our collections up to date and add content as often as possible to ensure we cover a wide variety of topics and techniques.

Our story

The 30 seconds movement started back in December, 2017, with the release of 30 seconds of code by Angelos Chalaris. Since then, hundreds of developers have contributed snippets to over 6 repositories, creating a thriving community of people willing to help each other write better code.

In late 2018, the 30 seconds organization was formed on GitHub, in order to expand upon existing projects and ensure that they will remain high-quality resources in the future.

Who we are

The 30 seconds movement and, to some extent, the associated GitHub organization consists of all the people who have invested time and ideas to be part of this amazing community. Meanwhile, these fine folks are currently responsible for maintaining the codebases and dealing with organizational matters:


In order for the code provided via the 30 seconds projects to be as accessible and useful as possible, all of the snippets in these collections are licensed under the CC0-1.0 License meaning they are absolutely free to use in any project you like. If you like what we do, you can always credit us, but that is not mandatory.

Logos, names and trademarks are not to be used without the explicit consent of the maintainers or owners of the 30 seconds GitHub organization. The only exception to this is the usage of the 30-seconds-of- name in open source projects, licensed under the CC0-1.0 License and hosted on GitHub, if their README and website clearly states that they are unofficial projects and in no way affiliated with the organization.